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Turning Cemeteries Into Wine at a California Diocese
New York Times, June 2016
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Pope Francis: Want to celebrate well? Drink wine!
Catholic News Agency, June 2016
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Catholic cemeteries now home to East Bay vineyards
Daily Democrat, April 2016
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Bishop's wine not just for communion anymore
Marinij.com, April 2016
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East Bay cemeteries home to to cabernet and zinfandel grapes
East Bay Times, April 2016
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Bishop's Vineyard -- planting a vineyard in the most sacred of places
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This East Bay Wine is Grown in....Cemeteries?
Diablo Magazine, November 2015
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California Church Embraces Spookiness of Making Wine From Graveyard Grapes
The Daily Meal, September 2015
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Oakland Priests are Growing Wine in a Cemetery and It's Actually Pretty Good
Munchies, September 2015
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California Diocese Sells Premium Wine Made from Cemetery-Grown Grapes
Wine Searcher, September 2015
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Wine made from cemetery-grown grapes raises funds for Church
KTVU News, September 2015
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Oakland diocese establishes wine club to support Catholic Schools
National Catholic Reporter, June 2015
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Vineyards blend beauty, savings for California diocese
National Catholic Reporter, January 2015
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